Monday, September 14, 2009

Making of Mt. Kirat - when I see towards east from my grave

Hello Guys _______ I would like to share the making of the below image called Mt. Kirat. Everything about... material, light and rendering.

Step 1 : Modeling

I started with a Plane, Used a lot of "Bend" modifiers to lots of selection sets... and managed to get a very basic blocking which was very clear in my mind. Than I placed boxes to make the stones. Used a lot of my fav "noise" modifier to give the irregular shape. Than, I exported it to ".obj" file and opened in mudbox and did a very low level sculpting like this :-

Step 2 : Texturing

I think I don't have to say about unwrapping, because in this type of simple UVs, just "relax" can handle it very well.

Well, than I used a basic standard material.

Diffuse Map :- I used noise map in diffuse and kept it to fractal type and adjusted the noise size and all and mixed 3ds max's default ground textures.

Bump :- I mixed "2" noise inside "a" noise map for some bigger bumps and smaller bumps.

Step 3 : "WOW" displacement

Now, here's the real fun and interesting part. You may use any kind of map to displace your geometry as long if the displacement detail/order is already specified. Here, I am free... but ya... I knew which part should be displaced more and which part to be displaced less. And the displacement size too. So I used noise again. :D My favorite. Because in noise I always get more than 1 color/map/axis whatever it is because noise = randomness. Ummm is it? So I can put other map again inside noise.

Anyways, If u want to specify the displacement (i.e. my other post which i'll post very soon) you'll have to paint according to ur UVs. You can use mudbox and/or photoshop for this. for example:- concrete stairs broken on the edge. may be.

Step 4 : Lighting

Oh! by the way, I rendered it using mental ray. Because displacement is not a good friend of scanline renderer.

Anyways, for the lighting thing. I used 1 direct light as a key light to define the direction of sunlight in some yellow tint. Played a lot with color for different mood. and used the skylight with blue color as scattered sun photons. I enabled some amount of diffuse bounces too. Since I knew I 'd need just a single frame, I rendered it using Lanczos filter for sharper details.

And I added some hair and fur for the grasses.

Color corrected and bg created in photoshop. With that lense-flare effect.

You want to know more about Mental Ray settings, just let me know.

displacement type 2