Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Hi, was quite busy with lots of stuffs all these days. :)I am back now!

Today I am going to talk about "Optics". Because everyday I get requests to teach lighting in Max/Maya. And I think, to be a good lighting artist, you first need to know what "Light" is. And knowing/study about Light is Optics. Okay, Let's start....

In physics (these days), "Light sometimes is an electromagnetic radiation and sometimes is "particles". "THESE DAYS" because it's definition keeps on changing time to time. Lots of theories comes and goes with their own explanation. "Hindu" theory states that light is one of the 5 elements of which human is made up of. Muslims theory says that "Light" is the method to communicate with god and so on. Read it here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Light

By the way, electromagnetic radiation means... the radiation which boosts up/multiplies/increases/charges when affected with magnet. And Radiation means.. ummmm... let me explain through graphics below.
I hope the above graphics makes you clear. When you throw your hand inside the fire, it's convection. when u get it through something else (such as iron rod) it's Conduction. You get the heat even if you are in distance, it's RADIATION.

From Sun, we get lots of radiations. Few are visible to our eyes and many are not. What ever we see through our eyes is because of the radiation. Let me show you a video from youtube. enjoy this video till I get back... and explain things in detail....


okay let me make you clear.

Take 4,100 kms long camera reel [ :) too long? assume it,... How far 'd it go from the place where you are right now? :) very far... ya?) Now, listen carefully... assume that within this line lies all types of lights. By types I mean the wavelength/frequency/strength. And, the light which is visible to our naked eyes is just "1" small little frame out of that 4,000 kms long reel. Amazing ya?? This frame is called Visible Spectrum. Name given by Sir Issac Newton. Which is 7 colors as we all know... the Rainbow colors. Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet. Now you may want to know what 'd other invisible lights be? Let me explain with a picture below...

And, the white light is the mixture of the Visible Spectrum (ya! 7 colors). We can also say that light is electromagnetic spectrum from entire radio waves to cosmic rays. Just like Opacity is opposite of transperency, frequency is opposite of wavelength. Like you can see in the pic, Red has the higher wavelength than violet. That means violet has higher frequency than red.

Okay the next chapter would be understanding Frequency and wavelength....

watch the video again to understand how we use light in our daily life. Traffic police uses it to measure the speed of vehicle. Doctors uses it to see which bone is broken, :) (xRay) Mom uses it to cook food for you. it is just soooo amazing... it's not just only about light helps us to see things......

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fruity Loops Demo

Hello friends,

Here I am uploading a small demo of fruity loops to create a simple sound loop. Hope you guys like it. :)
I will cover the entire software in different parts in small videos But for now, here is a small demo of the software....

Comments and critics are most welcome.

Here is the final audio clip.

And here is the video demo.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Thursday, September 24, 2009

When did you last see this neighbourhood creature?

Hi friends,

This is so sad that we don't know when did we last see this insects/ creatures.

I remember playing with this so called "rail insect" (so extinct that i can't find in Google) and "dragonfly/helicopter". Do you remember or have any part of memory regarding this thing???

Where did they all go/ vanish/ disappear ? I don't remember when I last saw them? Are we becoming so unaware of all this or ignoring it or don't have time to even think about it?

Or are they extinct?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Product Lighting & Rendering


Here is the final output of the tutorial for product lighting and rendering that I am working on right now.... Hope to share with you guys very soon...

Some of my cg artworks


Happy good evening. :D I am uploading some of my cg artworks. Hope you like it.

Comments and critics are most welcome.

Highway will take me home

Hello friends,

Thanks for visiting my blog... Here I am uploading 1 of my artworks which pretty much matches with the last artwork I uploaded. Ya, the making of the previous mountain...

I used the same technique but this time I mixed some more shaders. 1 for road, 2nd for lefthand side mountains, 3rd for blend between road and the edge of the rocks and so forth.... Hope you guys like it.

And I used VRay for rendering this image. Color Corrected and background composited in Photoshop.


My Friend Noju

Hi friends,

Here's my latest movie "My Friend Noju" (2008-2009). I made this movie with 3 of my students Gagan, Vishu and Gaurav for Frameflixx where we got the runner-up award. :D

This movie also won :

Grand Audience Choice Award at Aarohi Film Festival, Mumbai
Best Character Design at The Animation Society Kolkatha

My Friend Noju. from Kirat Gurung on Vimeo.

Hope you like it...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Workshop on Lighting and Rendering

Lucknow, India - 19th September 2009

Hi guys,

Here I am uploading the pics of my latest workshop on Lighting and Rendering. I covered rendering topics on Max's Default Scanline Rendering, Light Tracer, Radiosity and Max/Maya Mental Ray with some shader examples and render passes...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Making of Mt. Kirat - when I see towards east from my grave

Hello Guys _______ I would like to share the making of the below image called Mt. Kirat. Everything about... material, light and rendering.

Step 1 : Modeling

I started with a Plane, Used a lot of "Bend" modifiers to lots of selection sets... and managed to get a very basic blocking which was very clear in my mind. Than I placed boxes to make the stones. Used a lot of my fav "noise" modifier to give the irregular shape. Than, I exported it to ".obj" file and opened in mudbox and did a very low level sculpting like this :-

Step 2 : Texturing

I think I don't have to say about unwrapping, because in this type of simple UVs, just "relax" can handle it very well.

Well, than I used a basic standard material.

Diffuse Map :- I used noise map in diffuse and kept it to fractal type and adjusted the noise size and all and mixed 3ds max's default ground textures.

Bump :- I mixed "2" noise inside "a" noise map for some bigger bumps and smaller bumps.

Step 3 : "WOW" displacement

Now, here's the real fun and interesting part. You may use any kind of map to displace your geometry as long if the displacement detail/order is already specified. Here, I am free... but ya... I knew which part should be displaced more and which part to be displaced less. And the displacement size too. So I used noise again. :D My favorite. Because in noise I always get more than 1 color/map/axis whatever it is because noise = randomness. Ummm is it? So I can put other map again inside noise.

Anyways, If u want to specify the displacement (i.e. my other post which i'll post very soon) you'll have to paint according to ur UVs. You can use mudbox and/or photoshop for this. for example:- concrete stairs broken on the edge. may be.

Step 4 : Lighting

Oh! by the way, I rendered it using mental ray. Because displacement is not a good friend of scanline renderer.

Anyways, for the lighting thing. I used 1 direct light as a key light to define the direction of sunlight in some yellow tint. Played a lot with color for different mood. and used the skylight with blue color as scattered sun photons. I enabled some amount of diffuse bounces too. Since I knew I 'd need just a single frame, I rendered it using Lanczos filter for sharper details.

And I added some hair and fur for the grasses.

Color corrected and bg created in photoshop. With that lense-flare effect.

You want to know more about Mental Ray settings, just let me know.

displacement type 2

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tum hi bataoo..

hey how r u??

I am listening to my own songs right now. And want to share this "tum hi bataoo
" with you. I made this song 6 months back. Please tell me if u like it. You can tell me if u don't like it too...